Affordable PCB design from experienced professionals.

MEW offers PCB design experience spanning from the era of manual drafting with mylar, tape, and light table technology to the latest in modern PCB design practice using Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools and techniques. If you are looking for personal attention to detail from a lean and focused service bureau, then look no further. We look forward to helping you with your next PCB design.

Your designs will be managed by a Professional Electrical Engineer who takes pride in gaining customer satisfaction through exceptional personal interaction. Your input may take the form of anything from a concept sketched on a napkin to a complete set of files consisting of schematic, BOM, net list, and board outline. Your design input will be expertly crafted into a quality printed circuit board design. Your deliverables may range from a single digital design file package to fully built prototype assemblies and beyond.

Some of our services include: